Saturday, June 02, 2007


Day Three was a good day. That is not to say that Days One and Two were not pretty fine, but day Three was the day I encounterd THIS.

First of all, I met Adam, as generations of people have done before "under the clocks" at Flinders St Station

and, after we spent an agreeable morning wandering through the Botanical Gardens we caught the tram in search of the mother of all Souvlaki at Lamb on Chapel St

Imagine if you will thirty or more boneless lamb shoulders lined up in a row and grilling slowly on a horizontal spit over charcoal.

Imagine then, if you will, said lamb is sliced thinly into meaty, crispy strips and placed in the welcoming pocket of some flat bread with some onions and lettuce and a tangy chilli sauce.

Even if your imagination is as vivid as a seven year old on acid, you can’t begin to understand how good this tasted. Every bite a small mouthful of perfection.

We did some other fun stuff after that. Adam took me down to St Kilda to visit one of the few remaining Jewish cake shops

and then we stopped in for a drink at the popular Esplanade Hotel which was in fact one of the nastiest pubs it has ever been my misfortune to spend time in. The sort of place where you wipe your feet when you come out.

But, Day Three was all about that Souvlaki. I have been thinkng about it ever since and it is going to be a good bit of grub that topples it as my favourite taste to date on EAT MY GLOBE. Mind you, I said that about Black Pudding and Pork Pie and Mileens Cheese and, well you get the picture.

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